Sunday, June 19, 2011

So, I feel a little silly that yesterday's blog post may have been seen as a plea for help. Honestly, I was just rambling about my life like I usually do. None the less, I was humbled by those of you who reached out, wanting to help in some way. Thank you for your selfless intentions. I'm truly touched.

Anyway, I promised I would write about our awesome new neighbor. Let's call this Anna Marie Part I:

Anna Marie is a sassy 84 year old with a heart as big as they come and a stature as small as they come (She's probably about 4'11"). The first week we moved in, she came over every day to check on us. She has given us a fan to stay cool (we don't have air conditioning), toys for the kids, a book for me, and more. She lends us her garden tools and has offered to trim Sassafras's hair (she's been a stylist longer than I've been alive). She is neighbor extraordinaire and has honestly made moving in easier.

My kids love her. She is really fun and attentive with them. They are always looking for reasons to go over and say hi to Anna Marie (and her husband John and dog named Itchy). In fact, I caught the Commander trying to sneak over there the other day and stopped him just as he was about to pound on the door. I brought him home and we made cookies to bring over that afternoon. Later that night, as I was tucking Sassafras in bed, she said to me, "Mommy, doesn't Anna Marie smell nice?" "I'm not sure, does she?" I replied giggling. "Yes, she smells pretty and is so nice to us," she commented.

Kids sense a person's true character and my kids know that Anna Marie has boat loads.

Anna Marie has made me ask myself how I can be a better neighbor. In fact, at this moment I'm kicking myself for not checking in on her and her husband John today. Normally, she goes to our church after she goes to mass at her church, but today John wasn't feeling well so she stayed home with him.

I intended on paying them a visit after church, but the kids were starving when we got home so I told myself I would visit later. But, it never happened and now it's almost midnight and I'm worried about them.

Do you see what has happened? She has shown us love and service, which makes us want to reciprocate. It's amazing what one person reaching out can do.

State Farm could learn a thing or two from Anna Marie. Like a good neighbor...Anna Marie is there.

I don't have to have money to know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. He takes care of me and my family through the hands of others. Like you, and Anna Marie, and my amazing friends and family.

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