Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thankfully, when it comes to rewarding good behavior, my kids are easy to please. Give them a dollar store toy, a cardboard box, or a picnic in the back yard and they are good to go. In fact, my kiddos are having fun tying each other up with a rope as we speak.  

Sometimes they ask me for things I know aren't good for them such as extra candy or to cut something with a knife. Not gonna happen. Or they may request a toy I just don't have the dough for (Enter cardboard box:). 

Giving my children all that they need is my job. Shelter, food, education, love... But, little gifts bring them extra joy and make life fun. So, when my kidlets are behaving well and ask for a small toy, to play in the park, or to build a fort in the living room, I usually comply. Why? Because I love them. 

So many things about being a parent help me to understand my Heavenly Father's love for me. I find that God often gives me little gifts in my day just to make me happy, because He loves me. 

Because I am aware that He is aware of me, I will sometimes ask and wait to receive. It's kind of an innocent game I play with God:)...daughter to Father. Let me give you a few examples.

A few years ago, while living in Florida, my kids were begging every day for a trampoline. I wanted to get them one and started looking up the cost...ugh! I couldn't find a way to squeeze it into our budget. I looked for used trampolines, but none of them had the safety net. I talked it over with the Hubby and we decided we just couldn't do it. So, I said a prayer. Yup, a prayer for a trampoline. I said, "Dear Heavenly Father, my kids are so great and they really want this. Will you help?" 

A few days later I was driving home from church and saw a sign in our neighborhood, "FREE TRAMPOLINE. COME AND GET IT." I was alone with the kids because the hubby had stayed after church for a meeting. So, I left the kids in the car and knocked on the door. Long story short, not only was it free, but it had a safety enclosure, and the man disassembled and brought everything to my house. 

After the man left, the kids and I said a prayer thanking our Heavenly Father for this gift. This is very important. Think about it. When you give something to your kids and they are ungrateful it makes you want to teach them a lesson and not give them gifts any more:). 

This trampoline experience started an ongoing Ask and Ye Shall receive kind of game between me and the Man upstairs. If I knew my request was appropriate, and I'd done all I could to get it myself, I started asking God for the simplest of things. 

Recently, our only two sets of king sized sheets were ruined in our move. The two times I went shopping for new ones, I couldn't bring myself to spare so much money. So, I turned to my game with The Man. A few days later, while shopping at Goodwill, I went to the new item section (This is where big chain stores, like Target, donate items for various reasons.). I found three sets of King sheets, far better than the ones I previously had, for an amazing price. I just smiled to myself, said a prayer of gratitude, and purchased those puppies.

My parents will soon be coming to visit and will be sleeping in my kid's twin beds. Sassafras has a nice mattress, but the Commander has been sleeping on a toddler mattress (with his sweet little feet hanging over the edge). A toddler mattress will not exactly suffice for my Pops so I've been on the look out for a mattress. Once again, they are too dang much money and, you guessed it, I said a prayer.

Three days ago, the Hubby sent me a text on his way to school, "I saw a mattress across the street at the donation box. Go check it out." Oh great, I thought to myself sarcastically. I'm sure this mattress will be in great shape. But, I ran across the street to check it out. To my surprise, it was in perfect shape and actually smelled really good:).

I grabbed the mattress with all my momma strength and brought it home to the Commander. After washing it and covering it with a new pad and protector, it's perfect! You should have seen the smile on my little boys face. 

Just as seeing my children happy brings me great joy, I'm sure our Heavenly Father feels the same way when he can put a smile on our faces. 

I don't believe in a God who has forgotten us and only steps into our lives on occasion. He is there, every day just waiting for us to turn to Him. So, I continue to play my game with God. 



  1. It's good to now were I'm sleeping! That's very important. you know. Now, what's for dinner!?

  2. What a nice post you've got out there! But I think, it's just that the good actions you do come back to you! :)


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