Friday, September 30, 2011

Did you watch Little House on the Prairie when you were young? I did (I'm not sure if it's because we only had 3.5 channels or because I genuinely liked the show). Remember when Mary lost her sight? I was beside myself with sadness for her. I thought, "How is she going to survive without being able to see? What's she going to do now? How will she fix her own hair or find the toilet?" I was seriously engrossed in the show, dying to know what would happen next.

Well, happily, Mary married a hot blind man (not that she could see him in all his fineness...oh, the irony) and ran a school for the blind. Go Mary!! Anyway, I do have a point. Mary had to improve her other senses to compensate for her impairment.

We've all heard of this concept. If someone experiences some kind of impairment, their other senses improve. A vision impairment may result in increased hearing. When someone loses a limb, the other body parts adapt. Our bodies are amazing!

Over the past couple of weeks I've drastically changed my diet and have been working out intensely every day. At first, my body went into shock. Every day was a fight just to keep going. But soon, my body came in line with my mind and now the changes almost feel normal ( chocolate will never feel normal:).

As I've made these changes, I've noticed something interesting. Now that I'm not distracted by feeling bad about my body or baking chocolate chip cookies, I'm enjoying the other parts of life more. I can't have the things I used to cope with (junk food) so I have to turn to healthier coping mechanisms.

I exercise and feel proud and amazed, once again, by the capabilities of the human body. I take a walk or go to the park with my kids and instead of obsessing over all the skinny moms there, I watch the joy on my kiddo's faces. I take walks and hikes and notice the beautiful fall colors. I look for activities in the community to take my family too instead of going to McDonald's play land.

"What the heck is your point?" you ask. Well, I'm sure that someone who is blind really misses their vision. They have sorrow for what they no longer see. But, I bet a great many would tell you they "see" things much better because of their impairment. Many find great joy in parts of life they took for granted before. They probably love to hear children laughing and birds singing, cherish music and know each individuals foot steps.

I miss junk food and chocolate. But, I'll tell you what, when I do have a taste of a treat it is SO much better than it was before and the life experiences I enjoy by giving them up is so much better than any cookie. Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better or more worth while. What do you want and what will it take for you to have it?

Being pregnant with baby boss and the stresses of this past year have been a long marathon of survival (we will all have phases like's okay) during which I developed bad habits. I'm starting to shake these habits now and it feels like I'm coming out of a long sleep. Wake up with me people. Wake up!!!

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  1. You are seriously motivating me Jody. I have GOT to start exercising!!! I really need to get healthier, plus I've been feeling a little stir crazy since we moved and haven't really felt totally like myself. I think it's because I feel really limited with what I can do here, as far as my hobbies, cause we dont have a garage where I can do projects, and as you know student budgets are limiting in and of anyways I think I'd feel better and more like i'm accomplishing something everyday if I take even just a little time to work out. Thanks for the motivation!!


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