Monday, September 12, 2011

Sassafras came home from school last week with a bigger than usual grin on her face. She ran to me saying, "I'm the first star of the week for my class! The teacher said that I'm a great student who listens, works hard, and is nice to everyone. I get to have pictures of me hanging in the classroom!"

I'm so proud of that sweet girl of mine, but more importantly, she's proud of herself. She was beaming with pride and this sense of pride made her happy.

For some reason, this topic of being proud of one's self has stuck with me. I've been asking myself, "How much of a person's happiness depends on them being proud of themselves?" Obviously, there is no concrete answer to this, but I believe pride (the good kind of pride) in yourself is crucial to feeling fully happy.

I propose that if you are doing most things right in your life, but still feeling unfulfilled, one reason could be that you are not proud of yourself in a particular area. We each have bad habits to break or goals we keep meaning to work on. But, for whatever reason (Ahem, it's hard...), we put off making important changes and this procrastination gnaws at us. Without realizing it, we become disappointed in ourselves.

So, if the above paragraph is my hypothesis, then we need a test...a social experiment if you will. Pick one of the things you've been putting off and work on it (Stop your whining...of course it will be hard!). Even if it's a baby step in the right direction. I predict you will feel happier...why? Because, you'll feel proud.

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