Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My weight loss challenge started yesterday and so has self deprivation. I've been depriving myself of caffeine, refined sugars, and anything with lots of calories. It's been quite a shock to the ol' system.

Today, I knew I needed some kind of reprieve from this deprived state or all hell would break loose and this whole challenge would turn into a big failure. So, I carefully calculated my daily caloric intake and edited my meal plan to include a Big Mac. Yup, a Big Mac...and a diet coke.

I worked out like a maniac and left the kiddos with the Hubs while I went on a 15 minute mommy break.  I sat my sweaty butt in my car and rolled the windows down (one window squeaking and struggling to accomplish this downward motion), enjoying the awesome weather. I turned on the radio and ignored the itch to check my appearance in the visor mirror (I knew it would be quite disturbing). I cruised on down the road to Mickey D's and ordered the Big Mac I sacrificed so many calories for, and it was good....really good. I returned home a new woman...Sweaty and ragged on the outside, but calm on the inside.

Why was a Big Mac and diet coke so fulfilling today? I'll tell you why, because it was a it should be. I didn't have to feel guilty because I'd planned for the calories.

My observation of self deprivation is this: If you deprive yourself of things for a healthy amount of time, you can enjoy said things much more when you do experience them.

Maybe this is why us moms find just 15 minutes to ourselves so refreshing. We've been deprived of alone time so long, a brief reprieve feels so a treat.

So, here's to a little deprivation and self control so that our treats can be that much more rewarding.

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