Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's definitely way past time to lose the "baby weight" I've been carrying around for...cough...almost a year...cough. Due to being motivationally disabled, I've struggled to find my get skinny groove.

But, chubbiness is crushing my soul so I'm pulling out the big guns and my big guns run on competition. Yup, I may be nice, but I'm very competitive. So, I've started a competition with some friends and there is money on the line.

It's almost game time and now I'm asking myself, "What have I done?!" I've been very pumped until a nasty cold hit me like a brick wall. Now I'm stumbling around in a snotty, dizzy, DayQuil, NyQuil...somethingQuil induced stupor. Exercise is supposed to be good for you when your sick, right? I think I can, I think I can.... 

Ready or not, it's happening and I've got the fridge stocked with health food to prove it. Spinach, blueberries, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, eggs, broccoli, chicken, fish, soup, lettuce....you name it, I've got it.

As the above competition draws near, I've been contemplating how much of a challenge is mental and how much is physical. So much of our emotional, spiritual, and mental state dictates our physical. We can lose before we even begin if we aren't mentally ready.

I've got about 30 hours to get my head in the game:).


  1. Hey Jo

    For me it's more about accountability. If competition makes you more accountable for your actions, then that's what works. It's easy to break promises to yourself, to put things off when it's only you, or you think it's only you. It's like we've always been told....it's not a goal until you write it down, or make it known to someone...until then it's just a wish.

  2. I was doing really well until this past week when I got the flu and got my lady time. Ugh. Disaster. Train wreck. Hopefully I'll get back on track this week. Good luck, Jo, you can do it!


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