Saturday, October 15, 2011

There's a reason I used to write on my blog every day. It wasn't because I thought everyone would be interested in my ramblings on such a regular basis (Ha!...far from it:). I just have so many thoughts going through my head each day that if I don't write the important ones down, they never get written at all. This blog is, after all, first and foremost my journal. 

Anywho, last week my kids had some random days off school so I drove to Indiana to visit my family. The trip produced many ideal blogging topics. The beautiful weather, memory making experiences with family and friends, and taking on a road trip with kids all by myself (The latter definitely presented some...interesting, adventurous,want to pull out my hair...experiences). 
It's Skyline Time

When Baby Boss finally started saying, "Ma ma." I told myself, "Don't forget to blog about how that made you feel." When my diet was curtailed by evil forces (Namely, Skyline, Frisch's, and my mom's treats.), I thought, "You need to write this down." When my kids stopped at their first rest stop ever (we usually stop at restaurants or gas stations for potty breaks), the Commander said (in his best anchorman voice), "This rest stop brought to you by the national peeing foundation." I wanted to blog the heck out of that one. 

There were many other moments I intended to record in this most public of journals, but the time has past and I can't remember them all. I will say though, hearing baby boss say ma-ma makes my heart swell; Going off my diet for a few days was a set back, but worth it (and I've gone right back to the joy of dieting...killing it!).; The comic relief of the Commander and Sassafras saved my sanity during our road trip.; The gorgeous fall weather we had was awe inspiring.; The time spent with my family and friends was priceless. 

I had wanted to visit Indiana the weekend before we did to visit with friends who were in town and to take my kids to the local Farmer's Fair, but I couldn't take them out of school (and the weather was flat out crappy). This weekend, a family friend is getting married and I wanted to be there for that too, but it wasn't in the cards. 

For whatever reason, I had the chance to road trip it last weekend, and I took it. I felt almost a physical pull to go. Like, I knew I was supposed to. I can't really explain it, but I know that trips rarely go as smoothly as this one did. The weather is rarely that perfect, children rarely as well behaved, and time with loved ones just plain too rare in general. 

There were definitely trying moments. Sassafras and her incessant car sickness and baby boss keeping me up at night, just to name a couple. But, there are times in life where burdens are made light and this trip was one of those times. It was time well spent.

Alas, the kids had to return to school and we all missed the Hubby very much (The poor guy had to stay home to study his butt usual). Now, we are back in the groove of our every day life and it has been so sweet to know we have something...well, so come back to. 



  1. Thanks for the post, Jody. I love being reminded of how great a weekend it was. Love the "national peeing foundation" comment.

  2. Oh my gosh, that comment about the rest stop is too funny!! How do kids come up with that stuff?!


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