Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Note: Don't miss the link to the article at the end of this post..fantastic!)

I'm currently lying in the bed of princess Sassafras (whom is at school) while baby boss plays on the floor. I'm also tediously typing this blog post on my iPhone because I do not want to take baby boss down stairs or remove my behind from said comfy mattress.

Da Boss (I'm transitioning him from baby boss to Da Boss...he won't always be a baby after all..) is usually napping by now, but has decided to stay awake when I most need him asleep.

Nap time is always sacred time, but it's extra important this week. I'm in the midst of a medication transition and Shoohee it is definitely a ride on the crazy train. One minute I'm calm, cool, and collected. The next, I'm a raging bull...with rabies...foaming at the mouth.

So, I cannot afford to have Da Boss skip nap time. But, he didn't get the memo and is instead busying himself by dumping out chalk, stopping and starting a Kids Bop CD (as if it isn't annoying enough on its own), unmaking beds, and pushing a lamp onto my head. Toddlers sure know how to get your attention.

On another day, I would probably let him cry in his crib, but I cannot presently handle that abuse to my nerves (I would likely, throw a lamp as well... and the lamps just don't deserve that kind of treatment). So, here I am just waiting for babyzilla to crash so that I can crash.

I'm also currently in the midst of a three day cleanse that leaves me hungry ALL the time. I'm thinking it wasn't the brightest of ideas to do this cleanse dealio right now. I mean...WOW!

I finally went in to get Da Boss and relieve him from his suffering.
This is what I found:(. 

So, If da boss is screaming in his crib (I took the plunge and laid him down) and I'm starving, exhausted, and let's face it, a little nutty... What's a girl to do? I can't have a coke or a cookie, I'm too tired to do any chores, and I can't sleep amidst the ear splitting screams.

I guess I'll ride this crazy train a while longer and hope it eventually takes me somewhere spectacular...or at least relaxing...okay, I'll settle for quiet.

PS- Please read this fantastic article on why it's okay for us moms to NOT carpe diem!


  1. Sorry it's been crazy, but I know how you feel. Seriously, drop the kiddos off over here ANYTIME. We'll make cookies or something super nutritious like that.

  2. I hope today is going better Jody! I absolutely LOVED that article! I can not even count the number of times I've been stopped in the store and advised to "Enjoy every minute". and while it's such a sweet sentiment, I'm thinking "really?? EVERY minute? cause this one actually sucks!" I've always felt kind of guilty for the fact that, while I do treasure this time that my kids are little, I also comfort myself on crazy days by remembering how much easier it will get when they are older. (or...grown.) So this article was so refreshing. Thank goodness for people who have the guts to be honest!

  3. I am dying laughing well at least quietly since my hoodlum (excuse me-toddler) is yelling himself to sleep in the next room.

    Anyways just found your blog and you got me with this post, I'm linking yours to mine.

    thanks for being fun and honest!

    1. Kimi,

      Thanks for your recent comments. I've been reading on your blog a bit and find your posts inspiring. I'm very interested in your transition from agnostic to Christian. Hope to touch base again soon:).


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