Friday, February 10, 2012

This is Baby Boss a few months ago.
He had just slathered Vaseline all over
himself. It was definitely
 a freak out day.
It has been quite the week full of freak out moments. You know, those moments when your world starts spinning in slow motion around you only to stop when you scream at the top of your lungs (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!). These freak out moments usually come when my teething toddler throws a tantrum, my five year old spills glue all over the table (and then proceeds to finger paint with it), and my daughter is trying to get my attention from bill paying by talking very loudly and closely to my face (all simultaneously, of course, in a symphony of chaos).

The above mentioned alone merits a minor meltdown, but isn't quite freak out worthy. What takes a situation from minor meltdown to total freak out would be adding lack of sleep, PMS, and a crazy busy schedule to the mix. Of course, freak outs are the product of any number of overwhelming situations. I will expound no further. I'm sure you are all well versed on freaking out. So, let's move on to what you can do when on the verge of flipping out, going postal, and/or laughing and crying hysterically at the same the fetal position (this is not a good sign by the way).

In a previous post...or two...or three...I may have mentioned the magic of a drive through car wash. Several friends have since mentioned to me that when their kids are driving them crazy, they take them on a trip to the car wash. We mothers are full of unconventional ideas when faced with a nervous breakdown. So, here are some of my own tips inspired by my week of freak outs.

1) DAY OF DRIVE THROUGHS- Strap your kids into their car seats, go to your favorite fast food restaurant, and get a nice, ice cold soda. Next, go to the nearest drive through car wash and purchase the longest, most thorough wash possible (It's worth the me). Finally, crank up your favorite tunes, suck on that straw like it's your life line, and pretend like you are alone while your kids are hypnotized by the swishing of the rinse cycle. BONUS: Your car is clean.

2) MINI VAN MOVIE- Pop some popcorn, grab everyone's blankies, and once again, load up your rugrats into your vehicle of choice. Strap down the particularly feisty ones and let them munch while watching a flick. If you are not one of the elite (I am not all) and do not have a DVD player in your car, use an iPad or laptop, or borrow a friend's. BONUS: Your car will now smell like popcorn.

3) NO NAP, THEN STRAP- You may be noticing a "strap down" theme. If your child is being particularly unruly, like at nap time, then bring their car seat inside. Strap them into their car seat in front of a movie (an educational one, if you must) and give them snacks. Sit on the floor next to them (having you near will keep them calm) and work on your laptop, peruse pinterest, or read a gossip magazine. BONUS: You will be thoroughly caught up on Brangelina's ever increasing posterity.
My boys

Chubby buns
4) TUB TIME- I kid you not, my little baby boss has had three, yes three, baths today. He is particularly aquatic by nature and LOOOOVES taking baths. When he is driving me crazy, I put him in the tub and sit down on the bathroom floor to blog, read, make phone calls, or just cry:). Just today, this sanity saving tip has granted me an hour and a half of peace. If you are feeling particularly creative, turn off the bathroom lights and throw glow sticks into the tub. BONUS: You will not want to sit on your nasty bathroom floor, so you will clean it first. Clean floors...score!

Sassafras, my oldest, is my
designated bribe buddy.
5) BRIBE BUDDY- You probably have a friend or family member who has a daughter around the age of twelve or thirteen. This age is perfect for being a bribe buddy. Find a girl who is responsible, but not old enough to make lots of cash babysitting yet. Bribe her with pizza and a movie to watch your kiddos while you get some things done around the house. It will give her experience and you some peace. BONUS: You can slowly mold this buddy into your ideal babysitter (evil laugh).

6) PILE OF PILLOWS- There's something about a pile of pillows and blankets that draws in kids like a magnet. Throw them down and let them roll around. BONUS: Energy exerted = earlier bed time for kids.

7) MUSICAL ROOMS- Sometimes kids need a change of scenery. If they have been spending most of the day in the living room, maybe they'd like to play in their bed room or a sibling's room. When I take baby boss into his room to play (which is upstairs, so doesn't usually happen), I take the time to go through his clothes and bag up what he has out grown. BONUS: Friends and family get hand me downs.

EXTRA TIP: I can't recommend ear plugs enough. All of the above would be enhanced by a set of ear plugs for you. If baby boss is throwing fits, I put in ear plugs. If the kids are watching an annoying movie, but they want me snuggling them while I'm on my lap go the ear plugs. I even sleep with ear plugs in...every, single, night.

And seriously, if your day goes from freak out mode to crisis mode, call a friend, call someone to help you. That's what we are all here for. To help one another.

I, and I'm sure everyone else, would love to hear your tips for crazy days. So, bring it on...let's see what you've got.


  1. These are awesome tips Jodi! Love it. My kids also live in the bath tub. No joke - three baths a day total norm around here.

    1. Thanks Lauren! We do what it takes, huh?

  2. o love this its def needed and i will have to look for a car wash we seriously havent washed our car in a year its horrible

  3. Tried the car wash one the other day and my baby cried through the entire thing, he was so scared! Guess I will cross that one off the list. :-(

    1. Oh no Lindsey! I'm so sorry. Maybe when baby is older:(. So much of the little baby stages is enduring, isn't it? It can be so rough. Hang in there:).

  4. Tip for avoiding freakout- Read Jodi's blog!

    lol, ahhahahah I can't stop cracking up. Seriously you are hilarious. And I totally feel ya.

    1. He he! Kimi, what have you been up to? IT's been a while since you've posted.

    2. ...Posted a new post on your blog that is...


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