Saturday, March 3, 2012

Living a healthy lifestyle has such a positive affect on a person. If you eat healthy and exercise, everything seems better, brighter...more hopeful. Whenever I go from eating junk to healthy food, I wonder why I ever fueled my body with such nasty stuff (Actually, I know why...because seemingly innocent little girl scouts with impish smiles peddle crack filled cookies to the masses...I almost caved and snagged some sinful Somoas "for the hubby" today, but I walked away, diverting my eyes from the girl with all the badges on her sash...she looked like a pro.). 

I've also found that when I'm eating healthier, I enjoy cooking a lot more. Healthy eating = simple ingredients and cooking techniques so I actually like it.

Tonight I'm going to feed the kids, put them to bed, and then make this for the hubby and I...

From the fit cook blog
Maybe I'll even light some candles and we'll drink water from fancy glasses. That's about as romantic as it gets when your hubby literally has to study night and day:). Good thing he is all I need to have a nice time (All together now...Awwwww). 

As for another dreaded component of healthy living...EXERCISE (which I actually enjoy), try this crazy hard 4 minute workout (see 

So, go take four minutes to work off some stress and fat and eat a lovely meal with someone you love (even if that person you love is yourself...I literally dream of time to myself:). 


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