Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday I checked everything off my list of things to do and it was no short list. I even gave myself bonus points for a few extra chores completed. It was a highly productive day. Today, on the other hand, was A LOT different. It went a little somethin' like this...

Rush to get the kids ready for school (Fruity pebbles down the hatch...) and on the bus.

Run one essential errand with the Baby Boss and other non essential errands so as to kill time until da boss's nappy nap.

Get drenched in the rain while running errands.

Go home, put Baby Boss down for a nap (hallelujah!) and work out.

While working out, I watched three episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netlix.

After working out, I watched two more episodes and then Baby Boss woke up. I proceeded to watch three more episodes of Parks and Rec. while intermittently saving my dare devil of a toddler from potentially life threatening situations (Examples: Rushing to catch super baby as he flings himself off the couch; running to grab the scissors out of his chubby clutches; pulling him out from under the coat rack...). I really really hate when they can climb on and reach everything.

Basically, I watched a lot of TV, in a very slovenly fashion, while letting the babe run around like a dirty little rug rat.

When the older rug rats came home from school, I let them watch way too much TV and ordered pizza for dinner.

If you compare yesterday's highly productive day and today' as productive day, it's laughable. It's also easy to rush and judge today as a waste, but to be honest, I was lazy it was awesome!!!!

Baby boss was crazy, but he made me laugh with his chubby cherubic antics. I would build blocks and he would giggle in delight as he tore them down. His laugh was contagious and uplifting.

I watched the stress of the week lift off my kid's shoulders as they ate pizza and watched movies.

As I write this, I'm not obsessing over everything I should have done today. I'm reflecting on how productive today was for my soul. Can I have this kind of day every day? No! Nothing would ever get done. But, it is because of an occasional day like today that things will get done tomorrow.

I think after the kids are in bed I'm going to watch some more Parks and Rec. Good night friends!


  1. I love days like that!! I think everyone one needs one sometimes; like you said, they are good for the soul!
    Thank you so much for your sweet email! We're heading to FL tomorrow so I'll write during the drive. I love your blog's new look!

    1. Brooke, be safe during your drive! That is a crazy distance to go, but you are going to have so much fun with family!

  2. My day was about the same, except I ddnt work out or ran errands and I don't feel as good about it. Glad it's over.

    1. Vanessa, usually that's how I feel too!!! lol! I hope today is better for you:).

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