Monday, April 9, 2012

It's been exactly one month since I've blogged, but not one day has gone by that I haven't thought of posting. In fact, my mind often summarizes my days in blog post titles.

A month ago my life would have been summed up with the title "SUNNY WITH A CHANCE OF SOFTBALL." I remember looking for every excuse possible to be outside in the unseasonably warm, sunny weather. I spent a lot of time teaching Sassafras and the Commander how to hit a ball and field grounders in our back yard. Baby Boss would (and still does) squeal in delight every time I took him out doors. He learned to walk in the winter and had never before experienced running around in a field of grass or blowing bubbles out side. Seeing life through his eyes made me smile more than usual.

"THE ANTS GO MARCHING 100 BY 100 HURRAH, HURRAH!" is a title that would have summed up many days in the past month. Ants have come along with the warm weather and infested our living room. I don't think I'm alone because, upon discovering these invaders, I went to two different stores only to find they were out of ant bait.

The past month and a half has been filled with a whole heck of a lot of exercise and I could easily have titled a post, "WORKING OUT TO WORK IT!" or "FEELING STOUT SO I MUST WORK OUT!". You get the picture. I've been working my butt off at least six days a week. It's about time I get rid of my baby weight...since my baby is no longer a baby.

And while I work out on my elliptical I like to watch re runs of masterpiece theater on Netflix (Sadly, I ran out of Parks and Recreation episodes...sigh). "COME MY WAY HATHAWAY" would have been a post I published after one of these work outs as I think Sergeant Hathaway is a stud in the show Inspector Lewis.

Just as I was on a five week roll with my work outs and British TV obsession, I had a bit of a set back. "IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES." I went out of town for my kid's spring break to visit my family in Indiana. Of course, I didn't have the hubs to help me. Parentally solo trips are oh so risky. PMS combined with a foaming at the mouth teething toddler, who can now climb out of cribs, leaving everyone sleepless, resulted in a challenging "vacation." But, in the blurry midst of challenge, there were still bright spots. Taking kids for rides on the lawn mower, laughing with my parents, seeing my sisters and how they and their families have grown, shopping, eating at my favorite restaurants. There were good times too.

Now, here I am..."BACK IN THE SWING OF THINGS". The kids start school again, my sweet little boy turns six tomorrow, and I'm about to go work out and watch Hathaway on Netflix. Then I will snuggle with the only man that really matters for a bit and go to bed.

"TOMORROW'S ANOTHER DAY," and who knows what blog posts it will inspire. But, each day creates another story full of memories.

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