Friday, April 13, 2012

Just between you and me, I think perfect attendance is dumb. Now, if you were one of those kids who did achieve perfect attendance and took pride in it...bully for you. Personally, I never once wanted to achieve that honor.

Don't get me wrong...School is important and kids need to understand that education is a privilege. BUT, let's get real. Having an occasional day at home watching TV is just plain awesome every once in a while.

Today, the Commander woke up and said he had a belly ache. I knew it was nothing severe (he wanted Cookie Crisp for breakfast after all) but he insisted he felt too sick for school. Miraculously, an hour after school starts, he's healed. Am I making him go back to school? No. Maybe on a different day, but not this one.

Today, I'm following my mommy instincts that my sweet six year old is tired and needs a break from the stresses of kindergarten :). That my middle child needs some extra snuggling and attention from mommy and maybe even some ice cream for his "stomach ache". Instinct is telling me that a break, a snuggle, and ice cream are just what I need too. What a coincidence.

So, go ahead...go get your perfect attendance. We'll be here when you get back:).



  1. After the first day school, what good was school anyways?

    I remember when I was wicked young and I loved school. Yeah, those days faded with the sun as I got older.

  2. Hey, I got an award for perfect attendance once. Of course I was late nearly every day and my teacher got into the habit of marking me "present" before I actually showed up. So I probably didn't really have perfect attendance, she just marked me down and I never showed up! :) HaHaHa My evil school days started young - that was third grade!

  3. Perfect attendance? hahahaha, I have been warned that if my child misses another day of kinderHarvard I mean kindergarten... we will be going to jail. He missed 10 already this year. but we had a great time in florida.... ;0)

  4. My mum called them 'mental health days'
    (Ironic given the way life has gone since then!)

    Once I reached 6th form (the two years before university here in the UK) I used to decided when to take my own. Would stay in bed and tell my mum that I didn't have classes that morning. Now I know that if I had attended more classes I could have achieved better grades but would have still gone to the same university and probably be in the same position I am now (or have not made it through the 2 years at all! Long story!)

    So I say, well done for following your instincts. Don't let anyone tell you any different!

  5. Hmmm. believe I did that a time or two. Although, working in the public schools, I would probably be flogged for admitting it.

  6. Perfect attendance is stupid for a number of reasons. A: Kids who care about it end up going to school when they are sick and spreading germs. And B: Elementary and Middle school education just isn't as all-important as we are brainwashed to believe. Personally, I think that if the family needs to take a long weekend together, or a child needs a personal day, that can be every bit as important.


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