Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm back by popular demand to blog my little heart out. Popular as in, a trickle of people have asked me over time to start blogging again. But hey, those few people are amazing and count as at least 1000 people each, which by default makes my comeback HUGE. Oh who am I kidding, I just missed writing and the time is right to begin again.

On a more serious note, a lot of people (maybe even some of you reading this right now), have been in contact with me during my blogging absence. On a weekly basis I hear from people who want advice on how to deal with their very real and painful struggles. These people include family, friends, friends of friends, and strangers. It's very humbling to be entrusted with the information shared and these communications have solidified some things for me.

1) Now, more than ever, people are struggling with mental illness (and the hard knocks of life) and the complex challenges it presents.

2) Despite the increase in people suffering, the stigma attached to mental illness remains front and center. A giant shadow of ignorance clouding the lives of those who need more light not darkness.

3) I hate the term mental illness. Seriously, can we come up with a better term?! Until I come up with a far superior term, I will often say "struggles" or "issues". And when I feel the need to be politically correct, I will begrudgingly use the words mental illness (blech!).

I'm discouraged more than ever regarding the undeserved shame our society attaches to mental illness. We all know that everyone and their mother (and father, and cousin, and spouse...) is suffering in some way or another with emotional or mental struggles, and yet it is still something people feel the need to hide.

Trust me, I understand the desire to keep struggles private. It's difficult to share something so personal when so many remain ignorant of the ins and outs of mental illness. And on that note, I use the term "ignorance" literally. I know there are people who legitimately understand very little about mental illness. There are also many who are emotionally unsympathetic by nature. I see this even within marriages. A spouse will not know how to deal with the struggles mental illness presents in their marriage (Obviously this contrast can be applied to any number of relationships).

Mental illness causes suffering for everyone involved. BUT, the good news is that the psychiatric community never stops working to improve treatment for the ever increasing number of people like you and me looking for answers...and peace...and happiness.

Over the past year I've been able to learn a lot about myself, my issues, and the struggles of others. So, I'm back, by popular demand or not, I'm back.  I'm here to blog baby! And, trust me, it won't just be about "issues". I've got a lot going on people and I can't wait to share it with you.

Check back soon to find out what's been going on in my wacky world (or to make it easy, follow by email and/or join the site). Also feel free to peruse past posts.

It's good to be back friends.
All my love,


P.S. - I will occasionally be taking questions from you (issues you may need advice on) and answering them on the blog (Your identity will be kept confidential of course). If you would like to submit a question or need advice, please email me using the subject "Dear Jody" (contact info. under the contact tab).



  1. Jody? Is that you? You look great!

  2. So glad you are blogging again. I have a question...are you guys coming home for Thanksgiving?


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