Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A lot can happen in a week's time. Mistakes are made, coincidences happen, unexpected challenges and joys pop up, messes are made, secrets are shared, realizations occur and so much more. Here's a little bit of this and a little bit of that from my week...

1) Though I do highly recommend running, I do not advise watching The Mindy Project while running high speed on the treadmill (okay so it was more like a fast jog, but whatever...). You WILL wobble, trip, and almost face plant it. You have been warned. Any Mindy fans out there? HOLLA!

2) When my three year old goes three months without a hair cut, he looks like Macgyver. I love Macgyver.

3) Also, my three year old is potty training disabled (or to be PC, differently abled). He will poo on himself any time any place and not care. What the heck? That's gross man.

4) On a positive note, I've made some headway on the potty training front. Forget the m&m's, forget the stickers. Don't bribe with fluffy craft balls or toys. Get some matches. Yup, you heard me... matches. My son will do anything  to light a match (except poo, when a match would actually be useful). Don't you judge me! I keep the matches out of his reach and he will make a great boy scout some day. Either that or an arsonist, but I choose to see the glass half full.

5) The pokemon cartoon is an abomination. My eight year old recently discovered this cartoon and it makes me want to slit my throat. I literally wear ear plugs when it's on.

6) I have a picture of Jesus hanging by my front door. I swear on my life his expression changes based on my decisions. If I'm being super negative, he looks a little frowny faced, but has a gentle smile when I refrain from hollering at my children. No I'm not crazy! Haven't you heard people say that the eyes of a portrait seem to follow you?! Same thing...almost.

7) Having friends that can do your hair to perfection, in their home, is so amazing. Beautification + girl time + built in play date for kids + half the price = Fantastic!

8) (Here's a whiny one) I found out this week that my husband is required to be at school (can't even go outside the building on the property) 60 hours a week. Let's break that down...that's 10 hours a day, six days a week. AND he has a study group four days a week for two and a half hours. So the kids and I see him for an hour every day. I feel bad for him, bad for me, and bad for the kids. Mostly bad for him though. It's like being in solitary confinement. Med school is no joke!!

On that note...

9) It's super awesome when zoos, museums, parks, etc. have single parent passes. I use single parent passes due to being a med school widow (Totally not the same as being a legit single parent...shout out to you!). Thank you to these establishments. You make my heart a little lighter and my wallet a bit heavier.

10) And then I go to Target and use the money I saved on my zoo pass, on clearance items. Seriously, 20% of my happiness comes from Target clearance. I'm basically on the same addiction tier as a crack head.

11) I am also a diet soda addict. Mucho awful! I spend a big chunk of my time worrying that I am giving myself cancer and another good chunk of my day justifying consuming this poison. You can justify just about anything people. STOP IT! We must stop it!

12) In conjunction with the above, this week I've been pondering what percentage of my thoughts are really about things that matter. You know salt of the earth things. Family, love, service, friends, positive changes and so on. Try pondering what the percentage of your thoughts are devoted to. It will scare you and blow your mind. Okay, maybe you should just live in ignorance. Don't think too hard.

13) I had a Cray delish sandwich at a local restaurant twice this week. It's called the Mona Lisa: Turkey, havarti cheese (Um yeah, I have no clue what that is either), artichoke hearts, baby spinach, tomato pesto mayo, and tomatoes toasted on a multi grain bread. Stop what you are doing and RECREATE IT! Seriously...go.

14) I have a new psychiatrist and she's amazing! Seriously genius. I'm kind of in a guinea pig stage. Doc is switching up my medications to help me with my super Lame-o sleep issues (and so much more) and I finally have some hope that these changes will actually work (more to come on this topic).

I can no longer do a cartwheel, but I can do a headstand; I'm pretty good with an electric hedge trimmer; I highlight way to many paragraphs in self help books; Pirate's Booty brand snacks are delish; I feel like I need to meditate and do yoga asap; Today I saw a robotic lawn mower called robomow that mows your lawn by itself. Kind of like a roomba. Craziness. I was enthralled.

Lastly and most importantly, I found out that Krispy Kreme has a hot light app, letting you know whenever you can go get a free warm doughnut. Say what?!

A week holds so much;).



  1. I started laughing as I read the first few paragraphs. By paragraph 4 I was wondering why I didn't think of that one, who DOESN'T love matches??!!
    I then go on to the next few paragraphs and can totally relate!!
    #7 got me jealous... I only have myself to count on pulling my hair up in a ponytail each day as I wonder why I don't chop it all off...
    #8.. Am thinking of my earlier complaint of the day of not being able to go to the bathroom without my previous 2 year old loudly applauding me.. And immediately felt bad, but quickly made up for it thinking of Mark being able to use a bathroom independently at his med school...
    The rest of it made me hungry, thanks Jody. And I'll give up my diet soda whenever you do!!!

    Love ya!

    Patricia Gaines

    1. hahaha.Let's meet up and drink diet coke and contemplate giving it up and then justify continuing our addiction. Also, I didn't consider the fact that Mark gets to go to the bathroom all by himself. lucky!

  2. Love you girl! Your life is super interesting and fun(ny) and tiring! Keep us updated!

    1. No more tiring or interesting than yours I'm sure:). xoxo

  3. You're hilarious! And awesome :)

  4. I love to read all posts.You said true line that "Depression hurts and Blogging helps". Because blogging is a way with we express all things run in our mind.


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