Monday, August 4, 2014

Click here. Just do it! It's a link to a company called The Bouqs and they have beautiful flowers grown on eco-friendly farms on an active volcano (say what?!). AND they are reasonably priced (15% off on first order found here). 

On occasion I get contacted by a company to review a product on my blog. It's VERY rare that I actually do a review but, every once in a while, one strikes my fancy and I acquiesce. Well I did it...I caved. But in my defense, it was because it was beautiful flowers delivered right to my door. Can you blame me?

Let's get to the review. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. They don't do the color of the flowers justice. 

The flowers arrived on my doorstep on the exact date I requested (upon ordering, you can specify whether or not you want to require a signature).

I get super excited about small things so I loved seeing that they came from Equador. 

When you open the box the flowers are tightly wrapped as pictured below.

They include a nice note to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I unrolled the flowers a bit. They were divided into the various flower types.

When all wrappers were off they looked like below. I was not impressed at first. The blooms seemed...well...not bloomed.

But, after I trimmed the stems and put them in a vase, they opened right up and looked fresh for over a week.

Final synopsis: Pros-They arrived right on time; It was exciting to get a package from South America from farms on a volcano (cool!); the price is so much cheaper than most doorstep delivery floral companies; And most importantly, the flowers were beautiful and made me happy every time I looked at them (Yellow is such a mood lifter:).

Potential cons: Some people may not like having to unwrap a gifted bouquet and vase it themselves. Personally, I found it fun and my 10 year old daughter helped me (bonus: mother daughter time).

I say give The Bouqs a shot by sending some flower power to a loved one who needs a pick me up. Or just send yourself a bouquet...from a volcano...You deserve it!


PS- Stay tuned for my next blog post about the interesting responses I get when people find out my hubby is going to be a psychiatrist (Oy!).



  1. On what date will your name be mentioned for the last time? This then, is your second & final death. Run with the pack, if you must. Speak ill of me, if you will. But I am forever a part of Clevelands' Fine Art History.

    -Marc Breed
    America's Fetish Photographer

  2. Nice thing! So right I found this. My mother told me to find this kind of bouqs for my cousin's wedding celebration. I hope I can go through with you until I have it. Please allow me to have a steps from you so that I can get that bouqs. Thanks ahead!



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